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I came across K Nicole Writing on IG. Mental health support for the African American community has come such a long way since I was in my 20s and 30s. Although I have been able to overcome my own personal struggles, it isn't something that is "one and done." The work must be done daily! Now 55 years young, I am so inspired by Katrina's passion in this area. As many mental health professionals, I too want to use my experience and education to help others. Miss Katrina reminds me every day that I am loved and worthy of self-care, and I appreciate everything she does for me and whoever needs it. Although we've never met, I'm so grateful for her support! Thank you, and may God bless you always!

Dennece Jefferson

A year ago, I had the distinct pleasure of connecting with Katrina on Instagram. The vehicle that facilitated our continued communication was our mutual appreciation for one another’s writing. Through this experience, I learned of her passion for mental health and her being actively engaged with bringing about mental health awareness in her community through advocacy in many forms, professionally and personally. Katrina is a seminal voice for her generation and others.

Christopher Barnes

I enjoy K. Nicole Writing because of the reminder to take care of myself, and it's ok to put me first. As a mother, wife and friend I often forget about me and think it's selfish to put myself first. K Nicole Writing reminds me, if I don't take care of myself I'm no good for anyone else. I also enjoy the printable downloads that give you a daily routine to follow on self care. I can tell that Katrina is very passionate about her work with Mental Illness and self care.

Cynthia Lombard

I’ve always been really close to K. Nicole and she is always there when I need her for some “life” advice. I started following her page when I was pregnant and every single post was right on point with what I needed to hear! Literally life changing and a daily motivation! A lot of her daily quotes are what would get my through the toughest days because every one would be right on time. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, been doing and keep doing! ❤️

Adrienne Martin

After reading some of the blogs and informational articles from K. Nicole Writing I started to self reflect that there’s still work that needs to be done within my own life. It gives you a sense of ease to read the stories of everyday people that struggle with some of the same life's issues as you . Being able to come to a place that gives you a sense of hope without feeling judgment about mental illness gives me such peace. Thank you Katrina for spreading your God gifted Knowledge to the world. Much love.

R. Cole

Katrina you are a beacon of light in this dark world! Keep letting your light shine bright! Knicolewriting has been an absolute blessing to me! The posts are so encouraging and inspirational! Keep this up because you are making a real difference! The world needs more Katrina’s!

Dixon Furro

I love following K. Nicole Writing for the daily refreshment of positivity and information on how to help others in need of encouragement! Seeing a strong positive woman leading by example in today’s time gives me much hope for the individuals she reaches and the next generation to come.

A. Holden Sr

The K. Nicole Writing content is LIFE. Some days I’ll be scrolling through insta stories and see something that relates to a situation I’m going through or a convo I just had with a friend. If ever you need a word of encouragement, be sure you’re following K. Nicole. She’s real, raw and always right on time. I love that she operates out of faith and runs her business that way as well.

xo MJ

K. Nicole Writing is so inspiring which is why I follow her. Her positive words of encouragement gets me through the day. 

Marie B

Reading messages of hope and encouragement is the catalyst that we reflect upon at the right time in our lives to make needed adjustments. K.Nicole Writing comes from a place of Godly inspiration and we are all richly blessed from reading and implementing her practical and faith-filled wisdom and knowledge.

Joy Thomas, Ph.D

You post awesome content and you are a positive inspiring person. 


K. Nicole Writing reads my SOUL! Sometimes we cannot verbalize our feelings or thoughts, and K. Nicole Writing does it for me. There are times when simply reading one of her quotes help actualize a hardship you may be going through and necessarily can’t explain. These words release power over you and reading a peaceful saying out loud can give you the immediate feeling of peace. Words have always been something I easily fall in love with and there are no better words and thoughts than the daily inspiration or fellowship found on K. Nicole Writing.

Taylor R.

K. Nicole Writing has provided on time encouragement to me during a transitional period in my life. This page has been a blessing!

Mashaela S.

I've been a close friend of Ms. Katrina Leggins for a few years now. About a year ago, I sought out help and she not only talked to me, but also sent me different content and resources over mental health to help me deal with the stress of life. Her talks and resources have helped me further understand myself and my circle a lot better. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge!

Mr. Kantstopdrumming

Whether it be for personal or professional reasons, I know if I look at K. Nicole Writing’s I’m going to find something constructive, moving, and encouraging. That is exactly what we need more of – strong willed women supporting others, from the office on a Monday all the way to Sunday afternoon. Your work is the truest reflection of yourself, and because of that you are going to break the mold.


Katrina's writing has been an inspiration for me to continue my journey in recovery with depression. To be able to read words of encouragement daily to help me get through the tough times when I want to isolate from others and give in to my negative thinking is priceless. I appreciate the time she devotes and she truly loves helping others.

Jess. W

K. Nicole writing has inspired me to be a better person and professional. Each post speaks to me personally and assists in my daily personal development. She encourages others to challenge their comfort zones and to step outside the box and not be complacent in life. I can not wait to see what God has in store for her future endeavors. Keep writing and keep inspiring.

J. Pryor

I just wanted to say I love your inspirational quotes. They are realistic, short and straight to the point which is how I like it lol. You are consistent, mature and wise. I can relate to anything you post. Keep doing what your doing. It's inspiring and impactful! I love that you care about life outside of yourself enough to share your story and wisdom. You're amazing! #BlackGirlMagic

Shynette Porter

You inspire me Ms. Leggins to keep reaching for your dreams. No matter how far or time consuming they appear to be. All things can be done well with God , time, and, patience. You able to help so many people thru your steadfast work ethic. Accomplishing these tasks with grace and humility.

Mr. Ford

These words of encouragement really touch my soul and they help me to encourage my daughters!!

Elroy Johnson

K. Nicole's writings have been an inspiration and constant reminder of my own strengths and especially my strength in God. I know that God is going to continue to use her gift of writing to reach others just as it has reached me.

Beckie Bowen

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