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5 Ways to Help You Stay on Track with Your Goals!

It's now July which means we are half way through the year and the perfect time to reflect on goals you set at the top of the year. It's easy to feel motivated and inspired at the beginning of the year with goal setting, but then that feeling can begin to fade and those goals are now at a stand still. I'm guilty of abandoning some of my own personal goals at some point, but have develop 5 simple ways that have helped me get back on track that I feel can help others. (1) Calendars and daily reminders are my favorite because you can easily use your phone, carry a planner or hang up a calendar and use it. Seeing a visual of those reminders alert you that there is work to be done and only looking at them won't help complete your goals. (2) Accountability partners are great because you aren't alone in the process and those who want to see you succeed won't allow you to fail. (3) Tracking your progress helps to see that "some" progress has been made and that's better than none. Those small victories can help give that extra boost getting you closer to your goals. (4) Support and encouragement is huge. Honesty and support from your love ones will help a ton. Sometimes all you need is a little positivity reminding that you can do it! (5) Small rewards are the biggest motivators helping you stay on track because you have something to look forward to and deserving of it. I truly hope these 5 ways can help you get back on track or motivate you to begin working on those new goals you set!



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