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Personal Goal Tracker With Free Printable

Hey guys! This will be another short informative blog about the importance of goal setting that also will include another FREE printable worksheet! I designed the goal tracker worksheet after realizing how beneficial it's been accomplishing many of my recent and past goals. This form can be used by any professional or for personal use. Goals can be implemented at any point in your life, don't ever think it's too late to start working on them. Rather it be a weekly, daily, or yearly goal you've set, this worksheet could be a useful tool helping to figure out the best way to execute your plan.

Goal Setting and the Importance

Most of us have goals we aim to achieve, but sometimes may get overwhelmed or lack motivation which can cause more stress as we try to get there (which I have been guilty of). Some may even decide to alter goals during the process finding different ways that may work better for them. One of the most important steps to goal setting is writing them down first and to track the progress. Without having a clear plan on how to reach the goal can appear difficult to attain.

The purpose of the goal tracker worksheet is to help individuals understand the importance of goal setting while helping to make a plan of action with the use of a checklist. This is a worksheet that's optional to use daily and doesn't take much time to fill out. It will assist you with getting more organized, focused, productive, and hold you accountable by answering five thought provoking questions that will help guide you.

How to use the Goal Tracker Worksheet and Key Areas to Remember

  1. Before you write down your goal, ask yourself is this specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Those who are familiar with this concept know this by the universal acronym "SMART", which is important to remember before you begin to work on any goal. Setting these type of goals will help provide more structure as you work towards successfully completing them. Also for this step, make sure you have a positive mindset about it. You don't want to begin working on any goal doubting yourself at the very beginning.

  2. As you start to develop your action steps create them based on what your schedule will allow. If you set a deadline that is short term this may require more hours daily or extra time on the weekends. Just make sure to be honest and realistic with yourself during this step.

  3. Making sure to revisit your goals will allow you to see progress that’s been made and if any modifications is needed. Again, be specific with how often you will evaluate your progress.

  4. If there are any other thoughts you may have prior to working on this goal or you think about during the process of it WRITE IT OUT. I highly encourage writing out your thoughts whether it is negative or positive. Your thoughts and ideas can help increase self-awareness, increase focus, and help reduce stress. This ultimately will promote a healthier and happier you.

  5. Lastly, indicate if you completed this goal or not. If you did, this is exciting news and if you didn't it's still worth celebrating about. Little progress is better than no progress and is always worth acknowledging. Writing out what you learned during this process will help you gain more insight on both your strengths/weaknesses and the overall importance of goal setting and tracking them. This hopefully will encourage you to work on future goals as well.

I hope this blog was helpful for those who may struggle with goal setting or just in need of some extra support and accountability. Also, remember you can print this worksheet out as many times as you need. Make sure to place it somewhere you will be able to see often so you don't forget about it. Please share this form with others who you feel could benefit from it as well! For those who use the worksheet, I would love to hear about your results if you feel comfortable sharing. If you post them on social media be sure to tag me anywhere @knicolewriting or use the hashtag #knicolewriting.

For those who haven't had the chance to read my previous blog that included four free printable mental health worksheets please click here.


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