Self Care Or Self Sabotage?

I decided to write this blog since I get questions about it all the time personally and professionally. Since I have this relaxing three day weekend to enjoy, I felt this was the perfect time to share my advice and personal thoughts with everyone. Hope you all enjoy!

Are you really practicing self care or self sabotaging?

If you know me personally then you know first hand I advocate for self-care ALL THE TIME! No it's not just because I am a therapist, but because I value myself and my time. If you don't make the time you are self sabotaging and it will show in many ways. Now how is that? Well, this could be through extreme moodiness, increase irritability, or having a negative state of mind just to name a few ways it would show. Now that it's a new month and a holiday weekend, this is the PERFECT time to reset yourselves and implement self-care or at least plan how you will soon. I enjoy my peace so that requires me to often disconnect from work, my phone, and the internet. These are the things that typically keep us busy or "distracted". I do believe it is easy to get wrapped up in work or other activities especially if you are involved in many things. For the longest I remember taking pride in being busy all the time, but as I grew older I began to realize the importance of taking better care of my physical and MENTAL health. While learning this I also made sure to not feel bad for wanting and needing to take more time out for myself. In the work field, a lack of focus, feelings of burn out, or producing poor quality work are some indicators that self-care is needed as well. For some who allow self-care to come second often times will have to learn the hardway which can lead into one experiencing a mental break down before they understand how vital it is. An article through the INLP Center listed five self-sabotaging habits to quit after working with 150+ people. These were the most common areas people found themselves struggling in.