Writing a Letter to Yourself (Free Printable)

Dear Self, I am writing this letter to remind you that you are an amazing woman. I am so proud to see how far you have come. I know you have experienced a lot of pain in your life, but do not let it stop you from reaching your goals. Remember you are important and have a purpose in life. Do not forget that each day you are capable of more than you know. Accept the mistakes you have made as learning experiences. Your story is still being written. Love yourself first and always stay focused. Do not give up on yourself, the best is yet to come. Love, Self Have you ever taken time to write yourself a "Dear self" letter? Writing a letter to yourself has many benefits such as helping to red

Black Mental Health, Therapy, and Spirituality

As a child growing up I never understood why mental health wasn’t a common topic discussed within my family. Witnessing and being a victim of emotional abuse during my childhood and teen years was one of the major reasons why I got into the mental health field. My family and friends were always so reluctant to talk about their problems and seek treatment. I remember experiencing problems that I couldn't really understand and would hear the phrase “just pray about it” as the primary solution while growing up in the church. The stigma that surrounds mental health and suicide has impacted many African Americans for years. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US and in 2016 2,770 Af

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