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Social Media Safety Checklist Printable

More than half of all American teens use social media sites every day that can be easily accessed. There are many positive things that can come from social media, but also many potential dangers and risk as well that children and teens need to avoid. There are a number of issues that can come from internet or “social media” use when not used properly. It’s important that parents teach their kids different safety techniques when using social media. I have specifically created this free social media safety checklist due to a number of my teen clients who have either been victims of cyberbullying or have used social media in inappropriate ways. This checklist can be a useful tool to help facilitate a conversation about social media safety with your loved ones. Social media does have its benefits such as being able to connect with friends and family or by expressing your creativity and talents for others to see publicly. The internet is a great resource and social media can be fun, but if used poorly it can cause a lot of concerns and consequences. It's extremely vital that parents are aware of what their kids are doing online and should be able to discuss openly about the safety issues.

A great way to implement this checklist with your child/teen is by discussing and reviewing each area and checking them off once the information is clearly understood and/or agreed upon. This list can also be used as a guide for making "social media contracts" with your kids to help with accountability purposes.

I hope this checklist is helpful for those who are in need of an additional resource. I would love to hear other important topics that you find most helpful to discuss with your kids, students, and clients or other ways you could use this checklist!

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