Printable Mental Health Worksheets

In celebration of K. Nicole Writing’s one year anniversary, I decided to create some free helpful tools that I felt would be useful whether you are a professional or someone who may need some extra support understanding your mental health struggles. The purpose of this blog is to discuss a break down of each mental health worksheet and how to properly use them. These worksheets were designed to help you explore ideas, plan your goals, challenge your thinking, identify areas of improvement and strength's, develop coping skills, and celebrate successes.The overall goal of these worksheets will help gauge your feelings, re-evaluate thoughts and decisions, and help keep you on track with your me

Fighting Depression | Finding Purpose

It’s often that many people find it hard to believe when someone such as Joshua “Kold” Colbert founder and owner of Kold World, LLC experiences mental health issues. In this day and age, social media has created for some this misconception that those who don’t publicly open up about personal issues or “look” a certain way indicate they do not encounter any “real problems”. It’s important to understand that just because you don’t see anything doesn’t mean there isn’t a fight going on behind closed doors. For individuals like Joshua, you may think for a minute as you glance at him assume he looks just fine. Behind this confident unbothered demeanor, there is a story behind it all. Joshua, a 27

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