Combating Stress and Refusing Failure

Have you ever felt like you were running a race that’s never ending or fighting a battle you will never win? If these feelings apply to you then this blog post is just for you. Stress occurs or (has at some point) in many people's lives. I felt this was an important topic to discuss due to some recent stressors I've experienced that I am currently working through and wanted to share the impacts of stress, warning signs, and ways to combat it. Stress can be caused by many different factors rather it be a physical illness, job, or even by a family member. At some point stress likes to creep in taking up unnecessary time or can feel like it's happening for an eternity if it isn't managed well.

Self Care Or Self Sabotage?

I decided to write this blog since I get questions about it all the time personally and professionally. Since I have this relaxing three day weekend to enjoy, I felt this was the perfect time to share my advice and personal thoughts with everyone. Hope you all enjoy! Are you really practicing self care or self sabotaging? If you know me personally then you know first hand I advocate for self-care ALL THE TIME! No it's not just because I am a therapist, but because I value myself and my time. If you don't make the time you are self sabotaging and it will show in many ways. Now how is that? Well, this could be through extreme moodiness, increase irritability, or having a negative state of mind

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