Combating Stress and Refusing Failure

Have you ever felt like you were running a race that’s never ending or fighting a battle you will never win? If these feelings apply to you then this blog post is just for you. Stress occurs or (has at some point) in many people's lives. I felt this was an important topic to discuss due to some recent stressors I've experienced that I am currently working through and wanted to share the impacts of stress, warning signs, and ways to combat it.

Stress can be caused by many different factors rather it be a physical illness, job, or even by a family member. At some point stress likes to creep in taking up unnecessary time or can feel like it's happening for an eternity if it isn't managed well. If untreated, stress can worsen and begin to cause physical issues becoming extremely harmful to your health and link to diagnoses of depression or anxiety. Believe me, I know this first hand. During my undergrad year in 2011 I remember how badly I allowed my stress get to me. I would stress over so many different things all at one time (grades, finances, relationships etc.). My stress decided to show up through weight gain and severe acne. Literally one of the worse times of my life! I allowed this stress to go from days to weeks and even turn into months. I felt like "not talking about it" would help me, but in all actuality it was making matters worse. I knew something had to be done because of how quickly things began to fall apart for me. It was a good thing I could "identify" it being a major issue, but as I grew older I began to develop a new set of stressors transitioning into adulthood and trying to decide my career of choice. I learned that if stress isn't managed early on, you will begin to see a pattern of mismanaged stress. For me in this case, I learned during my early twenties how to separate what was worth my time ver