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5 Important Signs Telling You It's Time For a Spiritual Detox

We all fall short many times throughout our lives. Some of us even struggle trying to get back to our old happy place. Some of the common disruptions I came up with that clutter our minds the most are the following: endless use of social media, lack of proper diet/exercise, frequent isolation, and staying around negative people. These are only a few, but are some that I’ve personally experienced as issues in my life. This is not to say you are wrong if any of these things apply to you, but it becomes a problem if it consumes too much of your time throwing your focus off. If you find yourself suffering from half or all of these signs here are a few of my favorite ways to engage in a spiritual detox.

1. Fast from social media anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.

2. Pray and meditate more on God’s word.

3. Socialize more with my close love ones.

4. Enjoy outdoors more.

5. Listen to or read work from my favorite authors, speakers, preachers etc.Save


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