Ministry and Mental Health: Your Pastor's Mental Health Matters

Have you ever thought about the amount of stress your pastor and ministry leaders may be under when it comes to the role they play in and outside the church? Pastors are regularly called upon to provide support in emotional and mental crises to those in the church which can lead to an overwhelming feeling of stress if their own mental health isn't taken care of properly. There are also many expectations that others put on pastors to live an almost nearly perfect life that can cause higher levels of stress making one feel spiritually drained, burnt out, upset with God, or lead to depression and other mental health conditions. Let's face the truth, pastors and those called to ministry are not exempt when it comes to mental illness. If they are struggling emotionally, they should also be treated the same as if it was your own friend or family member fighting this battle. Outside of the church, pastors live their personal lives as well and can also experience