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Printable Mental Health Worksheets

In celebration of K. Nicole Writing’s one year anniversary, I decided to create some free helpful tools that I felt would be useful whether you are a professional or someone who may need some extra support understanding your mental health struggles. The purpose of this blog is to discuss a break down of each mental health worksheet and how to properly use them. These worksheets were designed to help you explore ideas, plan your goals, challenge your thinking, identify areas of improvement and strength's, develop coping skills, and celebrate successes.The overall goal of these worksheets will help gauge your feelings, re-evaluate thoughts and decisions, and help keep you on track with your mental health needs.

Coping Tool Box Worksheet

This tool was created to help an individual identify four important areas (triggers, warning signs, coping skills, and strengths). Knowing and understanding what your triggers are can help you heal and learn how to cope in a better response. Once you can clearly define them, you then identify the warning signs that indicate the issue is triggering you. When you've identified the first two, you will then develop healthy coping skills to help reduce how you're feeling and/or get you through the distressed state. The last area will help you identify your strengths, serving as a reminder to focus more on the positive to help boost your confidence, stay inspired, and promote happiness. Having this tool on hand rather it's in your binder, notebook, or bag will help provide comfort and help you develop strategies to encourage positive thinking during those difficult times.

Daily Self-Reflection Worksheet

This tool is a personal favorite because I use these questions as a guide during my personal journaling time. These questions will allow you to reflect on the areas that you are most grateful for, the biggest highlight of the day, personal challenges, ways to grow, and how to make the next day better. You can use this tool for a day, week, or months, it’s a personal preference. It’s important that you make time during your day to pause, think, and reflect. This will lead you on a path of self-reflection and self-discovery helping you heal during difficult times and understand what’s most important to you.

Weekly and Daily Mood Tracker Worksheets

These two worksheets were created to track your moods weekly or daily for personal use or to help your therapist better understand your moods/feelings. This will help you detect noticeable patterns and frequency of changes in your moods. I created a key (that you can modify if needed) to help explain your feelings. You will color the boxes that relate to your mood the most and track it as long as you need. You can use your favorite coloring tool (marker, highlighter, pen etc.)

Weekly Mood Tracker

Daily Mood Tracker

I hope these mental health worksheets can help meet your personal goals. Please feel free to share with friends and family! I would love to hear your feedback if you choose to download and use any of these! For your free PDFs please click the links below!

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